From the Director

As I write this, there is encouraging news out of Puget Sound, our southern resident killer whales are pregnant, and Tahlequah, who lost her calf in 2018 and carried it for 17 days while the world watched, gave birth to a healthy calf in September. A win for whales is a win for salmon as each species’ health is an indicator of the others’.

Solutions for Survival

Lake Washington Ship Canal

Every salmon migrating to and from Lake Washington and its tributaries must pass through the Ship Canal twice in its life. Each summer, water temperatures can reach lethal levels for salmon. This can delay migration, increase disease risks and even kill fish directly. Addressing this problem is a crucial step to save imperiled salmon runs and bring tribal and recreational salmon fishing back to our urban Seattle corridor. LLTK has started working with local watershed managers and other partners to create a suite of science-based alternatives to address the ship canal water temperature problem. These alternatives will then be assessed, and a solution developed. This work is made possible by a grant from King County.

Hood Canal Bridge

The Hood Canal Bridge is a migration barrier and death trap where predators lurk for easy pickings. Up to 50% of the steelhead that make it to the bridge don’t make it past, and we expect the bridge is impacting other salmon. While over the long run we need to work towards a more fish-friendly bridge design, LLTK and our partners have assessed the bridge and secured funding to design temporary solutions to reduce fish mortality at the bridge. This includes an underwater guidance structure designed to encourage fish to swim to where there are no pontoons blocking their migration route. However, state- wide budget reductions may make it difficult to secure the $2-3 million necessary to get solutions in the water.

Puget Sound Chinook Diversity

Degraded habitat, past overharvest, production-oriented hatchery practices, and a changing ecosystem have all reduced diversity in our salmon and steelhead populations. With climate change bearing down, rebuilding this lost diversity is key to creating the resilience our fish need to survive.

We recognize it will take every tool available to keep salmon in our waters now, and in the future. LLTK and our partners are testing new hatchery strategies that foster diversity with the goal of returning more and larger fish, and we’re helping to restore habitat that promotes diversity, like estuaries that are critical to juvenile wild Chinook.



Revenue | Expenses

Revenue: $2,592,349  |  Expenses: $2,343,685

      Financial information from 2019 Federal 990 Report

      Sources of Revenue

      Government: $1,422,342*

      Foundations: $520,269

      Non-profit: $30,563

      Private: $619,175

      Expense Breakdown

      Programs: $1,665,747

      Management: $416,328

      Fundraising: $261,610

      *Includes: International Commissions, Federal, State, and Other

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      Thank you to our 2019 project partners.


      American Rivers
      Anthony’s Restaurant
      Beta Hatch
      City of Bellingham
      Cowichan Tribes
      Enivronmental Protection Agency
      Environmental Science Associates
      Fisheries and Oceans Canada
      Friends of Moran State Park
      Hamma Hamma Company
      Hood Canal Coordinating Council
      Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
      Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
      Jefferson County
      King County
      Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish Watershed
      Lilliwaup Falls Generating Company
      Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe
      Lummi Nation
      Mason County
      Montana Banana
      Moran State Park
      Muckleshoot Tribe
      Natural Systems Designs
      Nisqually Tribe
      NOAA Fisheries
      Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
      Northwest Marine Technology
      Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      Pacific Northwest Salmon Center
      Pacific Salmon Foundation
      Pacific Science Foundation
      Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
      Pike Place Fish Market
      Point-No-Point Treaty Council
      Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
      Port Metro Vancouver

      Port of Seattle
      Puget Sound Partnership, including Salmon Recovery Council
      Puyallup Tribe
      Robbins Family
      San Juan County
      Seattle Aquarium
      Seattle City Light
      Seattle Police Department
      Simon Fraser University
      Skagit River System Cooperative
      Skagit Watershed Council
      Skokomish Tribal Nation
      Squaxin Island Tribe
      Stillaguamish Tribe
      Tacoma Power
      Tacoma Public Utilities
      The SeaDoc Society / UC Davis
      Trout Unlimited
      Tulalip Tribes
      University of British Columbia
      University of Victoria
      University of Washington
      US Fish and Wildlife Service
      US Forest Service
      US Geological Survey
      US Navy
      Washington Department of Ecology
      Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
      Washington Department of Natural Resources
      Washington Department of Transportation
      Washington Salmon Coalition
      Washington Sea Grant
      Washington State University
      Western Washington University
      Wild Fish Conservancy
      YMCA Camp Orkila


      Thank you to our 2019 Individual, Corporate, Foundation, and In-Kind donors.

      Donors listed represent fully tax-deductible gifts made to LLTK, not included are purchases for merchandise, auction items, tickets, etc.




      Gary & Victoria Reed
      Bryce & Susan Rhodes


      Doug & Nancy Boyden
      Kathy Alvord Gerlich
      Gaylord M. Kellogg
      Jim Kraft & Dominique Posy
      Doug & Nan Little
      Larry & Betty Mellum
      Marie Mentor
      Steve & Barbara Spence
      John Teutsch & Mary Foster
      Michael Voegtlin & Pam Pearson


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      Environmental Protection Agency
      Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
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      Puget Sound Partnership
      Tacoma Public Utilities
      U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


      Anthony’s Restaurants
      Laird Norton Family Foundation
      M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
      National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
      Nisqually Indian Tribe
      Pacific Salmon Commission
      Vincent J. Coates Foundation
      Western Washington University


      Burning Foundation
      Horizons Foundation
      King County
      Lummi Indian Business Council
      National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
      Pacific Salmon Foundation
      PCC Natural Markets
      Suquamish Tribe
      The Norcliffe Foundation


      American Rivers
      Community Foundation of South Puget Sound
      Friends of Moran State Park
      Hugh & Jane Ferguson Foundation
      Lucky Seven Foundation
      MJF Foundation
      Moccasin Lake Foundation
      Orcas Island Community Foundation
      Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe
      San Juan County Lodge Tax Advisory Council
      Snoqualmie Indian Tribe
      Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians
      TOTE Maritime Alaska
      Tulalip Tribes


      Anchor QEA
      Chinook Wines
      Clif Bar Family Foundation
      Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
      Environmental Science Associates
      Intel Corporation
      Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
      Microsoft Corporation
      MiiR Holdings, LLC
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      Norman Archibald Foundation
      Pacific Science Center
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      Pike Place Chowder
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      University of Washington
      Vulcan Inc.
      Wild Fish Conservancy


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      Immanuel Presbyterian Church
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      Woodland Park Zoo

      Looking Ahead

      For decades we’ve worked to restore our salmon and steelhead populations so current and future generations can experience their majesty and the benefits they provide from mountain to sea. With our many partners, we have just completed pioneering studies on early marine survival of these keystone species. Because of your support, we are now putting what we learned to work in the water, engaging communities, growing support, and building on the progress made over the last 30+ years.


      Here is some of what you’ll see from us in 2021:

      • Implement findings from the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project to restore herring, reduce toxics in fish and their habitat, and address areas of intense predation.
      • Work to increase the diversity and resilience of our hatchery Chinook in the face of climate change by testing new rearing methods.
      • Secure funding to test solutions to address high steelhead mortality at the Hood Canal Bridge.
      • Increase education of the public, stakeholders, and decision makers through Survive the Sound, field trips, and presentations.

      Only your sustained support will push this critical work forward in a time when salmon are threatened more than ever. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to LLTK today.



      Our vision for a Northwest with a growing human population, a thriving economy, and strong salmon runs depends on you. Your sustained support drives this work onward – thank you for being part of the salmon recovery community.