Looking Ahead

For decades we’ve worked to restore our salmon and steelhead populations so current and future generations can experience their majesty and the benefits they provide from mountain to sea. With our many partners, we have just completed pioneering studies on early marine survival of these keystone species. Because of your support, we are now putting what we learned to work in the water, engaging communities, growing support, and building on the progress made over the last 30+ years.


Here is some of what you’ll see from us in 2021:

  • Implement findings from the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project to restore herring, reduce toxics in fish and their habitat, and address areas of intense predation.
  • Work to increase the diversity and resilience of our hatchery Chinook in the face of climate change by testing new rearing methods.
  • Secure funding to test solutions to address high steelhead mortality at the Hood Canal Bridge.
  • Increase education of the public, stakeholders, and decision makers through Survive the Sound, field trips, and presentations.

Only your sustained support will push this critical work forward in a time when salmon are threatened more than ever. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to LLTK today.